Friday, April 11 at 8 pm at The Barns
Ticket Price: $35
The Goldberg Variations
Pamela Frank, violin
Nobuko Imai, viola
Clemens Hagen, cello
The Discovery Series
Apr 11 | 8 pm

Noted soloists Pamela Frank, Nobuko Imai, and Clemens Hagen present J.S. Bach’s masterwork in a clever and respectful arrangement for string trio.

Due to an unforeseen medical situation, The Goldberg Variations performance has been cancelled.

REFUND INFORMATION: If you purchased tickets to this show, please contact Wolf Trap Ticket Services at 703.255.1868 for a refund.

REPERTOIRE (Subject to change):

The Goldberg Variations                    J.S. Bach, arr. Dmitry Sitkovetsky

The string trio arrangement of the Goldberg Variations succeeds because the structure of the piece lends itself to 3 instruments, not 1. When played on keyboard instruments, the 2 upper voices are virtually indistinguishable. When listening to its canons, one hears how a string trio masters complex counterpoint with grace and wit. Led by 3 world-class musicians, the Goldberg Variations project is a respectful new take on a masterwork.