Thursday, April 24 at 8 pm at The Barns
Ticket Price:
$27 prime orchestra & balcony
$25 rear orchestra & side balcony
John McCutcheon

Guitar and hammered dulcimer master known for folk ballads such as “Christmas in the Trenches” and poignant pieces such as “Hail to the Chief.”

  • John McCutcheon began playing piano and guitar as a young boy growing up in Wisconsin. He graduated from Minnesota’s St. John’s University and apprenticed with renowned Appalachian folk musicians.
  • McCutcheon plays more than a dozen instruments including banjo, fiddle, autoharp, and his signature instrument, the hammered dulcimer. Johnny Cash lauded him as “the most impressive instrumentalist I’ve ever heard.”
  • His newest release, This Land: Woody Guthrie’s America (2011), covers the legendary songwriter’s greatest hits, including “This Land is Your Land” and “Pretty Boy Floyd.”
  • McCutcheon is also a prolific children’s artist. Once he became a father, he felt children’s music was “unmusical and condescending,” so he released Howjadoo in 1983. The album’s lively critical acclaim encouraged him to continue making music for children and to get involved in storytelling.
  • “John McCutcheon is one of the best-loved performing musicians in the country. His words combine the objectivity of a hard-news journalist and the sensibility of the Romantic poets. The result is something more universal than either.”—Marshfield News-Herald