Wolf Trap Internship

The Wolf Trap Internship Program is funded in part by the Rubenstein Next Generation Initiative, ExxonMobil Corporation, The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, Something Different Contracting, and Anonymous Foundation. Funding for the Diversity Initiatives has been provided by the Anthony and Beatrice Welters Family.

Fostering the next generation of arts leaders

Wolf Trap internships give budding professionals a competitive edge—whether they seek jobs in the arts or any other field.

Employers are looking for college graduates who can hit the ground running—those who don’t need training in basic workplace skills, like inter-office communications and coordinating multiple projects.

Wolf Trap internships provide these fundamental skills, as well as specialized training in specific disciplines—from technical theatre and arts management to fundraising, accounting, and special events.

Interns get a nuanced view of a field that is rapidly changing and what it takes to evolve and innovate. This experience helps interns build leadership skills that can be applied to the performing arts or any line of work they choose to pursue.

And last but certainly not least, Wolf Trap internships offer young professionals an opportunity to contribute to arts and education programs that enrich thousands of lives each year.
Major support of this program is provided by the Rubenstein Next Generation Initiative

Available internships

  • Summer internships
    May to August
    Applications due February 1 (Technical Theatre, Scene, Props, and Costuming applications are due March 1)
  • Spring internships 
    January to April 
    Applications due November 1
  • Fall internships 
    September to December 
    Applications due July 1

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