Talya Lieberman
D’Ana Lombard
Alexandra Loutsion
Kerriann Otaño
**Amy Owens
*Melinda Whittington

Jenni Bank
J’nai Bridges
**Sarah Larsen
Abigail Levis

**Frederick Ballentine
David Margulis
*Robert Watson

*Joo Won Kang
Will Liverman
Morgan Pearse
Reginald Smith, Jr.

Basses & Bass-Baritones
Evan Boyer
Timothy Bruno
Thomas Richards
Christian Zaremba

*Returning Artist
**Former Studio Artist

All principal roles in Wolf Trap Opera productions are performed by the singers selected as Filene Young Artists. Approximately 15-20 singers are chosen from an initial pool of approximately 800 applicants. They are in residence throughout the summer season. Filene Young Artists have completed advanced degrees from the top music schools in the country, and have often participated in year-long young artist companies or summer apprenticeships. Many of them have already won prestigious awards and are on their way to significant careers.