Why support WTO?

Wolf Trap Opera is a program of the non-profit Wolf Trap Foundation. Ticket sales make up a portion of our budget, but not all of it.

Wolf Trap strives to keep ticket prices low. And WTO provides a rigorous training program for young singers that goes far beyond its summer performances.

We are incredibly grateful for Wolf Trap donors, who help us maintain one of the nation’s premier residency programs.



House an artist

Wolf Trap Opera’s network of host families makes it possible for dozens of talented singers to join WTO each year.

The perks
  • Make a personal connection with a young artist
  • Gain a unique behind-the-scenes perspective on opera and what it takes to succeed in the field
  • Attend WTO dress rehearsals and other invitation-only company events
  • Filene Young Artists: Stays range from 6-12 weeks, during late May to mid-August 
  • Studio Artists: A 1- or 2-week stay in May and/or August
  • Non-smoking
  • Located within a 7 mile radius of Wolf Trap (preferred)
  • Private bedroom and bath, with access to kitchen and laundry facilities 
Company members are responsible for their own food, telephone, and transportation.

Contact Wolf Trap Opera at 703-255-1935 or opera@wolftrap.org.

2017 HOSTS

Bill & Mary Aldacushion  •  John & Caren Backus  •  Roland Blocksom  •  David & Cathy Bobzien • Jerry G. Bridges & Sally Turner  •  Jan Childress  •  Lee Corey  •  Ellen Dykes & Alan McAdam  •  Hank & Shelley Hatch  •  Linda Kauss & Clark Hoyt  •  Ann Jones  •  Grace Jones  •  Carlos & Maureen Mariño  •  Sue Martin  •  Ruth & Eugene Overton  •  Ed & Andy Smith  •  Karen Sorenson & Peter Gaus  •  Sarah Spicer  • Judith Stehling & Edgar Ariza-Niño  •  Donna & Edward Stoker  •  Karen Van Lare  •  Stephanie & Fernando van Reigersberg • Paul & Pat Ward  •  Ron & Judy Wilgenbusch