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Price $8
A magical bird, an evil dragon, a clever princess, and a valiant hero bring to life the Shahnameh, an ancient masterpiece written over a thousand years ago. With vivid choreography and ornate costumes, Silk Road Dance Company presents a fantastical tale from ancient Persia.Workshop Star
  • 15th Annual WATCH Awards
  • Nomination for Outstanding Costume Design in a Play (2014)
  • Member of Official Diplomatic Delegation to Uzbekistan (2013)

Silk Road Dance Company Workshop: Fly with the Simurgh! Dance with a Dragon!Date: Saturday, July 8 at 12 pm
Price: Free
Two of the most memorable characters from the Shahnameh are the dragon and the Simurgh bird. Children will learn fun and "flighty" dances with scarves and veils, that are sure to conjure up the magical Simurgh! (Show tickets sold separately)


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