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The Juniper Tree and Bastianello both come from world of fairy tales and folk tales – the former as a Brothers Grimm tale, and the latter from a centuries-old collection of Italian stories. They treat their shared subject material of family with warmth, humor, heartbreak and redemption.
Bastianello Music by John Musto
Libretto by Mark Campbell
This modern retelling of an Italian folktale tickles the funny bone and warms the heart. After a wedding debacle, a young husband sets out to find people who are greater fools than his own family. What he finds surprises both him and us.

The Juniper Tree Music by Philip Glass & Robert Moran
Libretto by Arthur Yorinks
This take on the famous Grimm fairy tale is “charming and chilling, a children's opera for thinking children (also known as ‘adults’)” (The New York Times). It tells of a Wicked Stepmother who murders her stepson and serves him up in a stew to his unsuspecting father. The boy’s sister buries her brother’s bones under a Juniper Tree, and the child’s spirit returns as a singing bird who wreaks vengeance on the evil Stepmother before being restored to life in the bosom of his family.

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Learning from Fairy Tales by R. B. Schlather, Director
Seeds of the Juniper Tree by Robert Moran, Composer
Finding Opera in a Folk Tale by Mark Campbell, Librettist



The Wedding

Young Man - Jonas Hacker
Bastianello the Elder, father of the bride - Shea Owens
Ortensia, mother of the groom - Summer Hassan
Luciano, the groom - Richard Ollarsaba
Amadora, the bride - Zoie Reams

A Farmhouse
Frediano - Shea Owens
Ettalina, his wife - Summer Hassan

The Gate of a Village
Eustacia, a bride - Summer Hassan
Stelladora, mother of the bride - Zoie Reams
Lambent, a horse - Jonas Hacker
Ippolito, the horse owner - Shea Owens

A Lake
Lino, a fisherman - Shea Owens

The Juniper Tree
Father - Ben Edquist
Mother - Summer Hassan
Stepmother - Annie Rosen
Daughter- Madison Leonard
Son - Megan Mikailovna Samarin
Goldsmith - Andrew Gilstrap*
Cobbler - Michael J. Hawk*
Miller - Sam Grosby*
Baby Birds* - Lauren Feider, Ashley Milanese, Onadek Winan, Amanda Bottoms, Gretchen Krupp, Nicole Thomas, Aryeh Nussbaum Cohen
Mama Bird - Maria Brea*

*Studio Artist

CREATIVE TEAM Conductor - Lidiya Yankovskaya
Director - R.B. Schlather
Scenic & Costume Designer - Blake Palmer
Lighting Designer - Robert H. Grimes
Wig & Makeup Designer - Anne Nesmith

PRODUCTION staff Musical Preparation – David Hanlon, Joseph Li, K. Annie Brooks

Assistant Director – TBD
Production Stage Manager – Michael Janney
Assistant Stage Manager – Sarah Johnson
Supertitle Coordinator – Lindsay Woodward