Emerson String Quartet

Emerson String Quartet, Artistic Advisors

The Chamber Music at The Barns series is pleased to announce its Artistic Advisors for 2016-2017!

"We in the Emerson String Quartet feel honored to have been chosen as Artistic Advisors for the 20th anniversary of the chamber music series at The Barns. This milestone happens to coincide with our own 40th anniversary season. It has been a pleasure to work with Wolf Trap to craft the 2016-2017 season, combing various genres and artistic personalities to shape what we anticipate will be a very satisfying bill of musical fare. 

We endeavor to perform and record a wide spectrum of chamber music repertoire, but we think that our success has been partly due to imaginative, often thematic, programming. It's intriguing to be asked to apply some of the ideas that have motivated us, and stimulated audiences over the years, to a series that involves vocal, keyboard, and brass artists as well as our own group and a younger string quartet that we have mentored. In addition to the culminating concert of the Emerson Quartet in late April, each of us will appear in one other concert during the series, so that our involvement as "curators" goes beyond the planning phase." —Eugene Drucker, Emerson String Quartet