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Go Green with Wolf Trap

Electric vehicle charging station

To celebrate the relationship between art and nature, Go Green with Wolf Trap began when Wolf Trap President Emeritus Terrence D. Jones, joined by Mike Love of The Beach Boys, announced the initiative at the National Press Club. The Center for Education at Wolf Trap was awarded the LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Certification for an 
Existing Building. 

Charging Stations

Three 240-v electric vehicle charging stations—2 at the Filene Center and 1 at The Barns—are available for use during performances, classes, and other events. The charging stations were made available through the partnership between Wolf Trap Foundation and General Motors. Read the official press release.

Reducing Environmental Impact: Planting and Local Food

Wolf Trap continues to improve its sustainable vegetable gardens to supply food for its on-site events. Wolf Trap also supports local farms by using locally-grown produce that is healthier and better for the environment.

  • Tree planting: In the spring of 2013, 150 new seedlings were planted.
  • Wolf Trap celebrates Earth Day by getting employees involved in planting and sprucing up the park grounds. One year, gardens were planted to absorb storm run-off and improve water quality.

Energy and Waste Saving

  • At the Filene Center, concessions and facilities have become greener through the use of recyclable containers, reduced packaging, and increased access to recycling containers. More local beer and wine is served, and wine is free-poured.
  • Wolf Trap reduced its use of plastic, uses recycled paper products, and has enlarged its composting program. Wolf Trap also uses green-friendly cleaning solutions.
  • Wolf Trap’s HVAC system is optimized for reduced electricity and gas consumption.
  • “No mow” areas of the lawn are increasing, and lawn trimmings are grasscycled.


Wolf Trap joined forces with other environmentally-friendly organizations to make a more significant impact.

  • National Park Service’s Climate Friendly Parks Program: Wolf Trap is working with the National Park Service (NPS) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to measure Wolf Trap’s carbon footprint, refine its environmental action plan, track changes, and report to the community on the progress.
  • The Citizen Scientist Program (part of the NPS’ Phenology Program) allows visitors to the park to help track the timing and changes of seasonal events such as bloom periods, foliage change, and bird and insect arrival.
  • Participant in EPA’s Recycle on the Go program
  • Wolf Trap is a founding member of the Green Music Group, a coalition of artists, venues, and music industry leaders in support of the greening of the music community.
  • In partnership with General Motors, Wolf Trap provides 3 electric vehicle charging stations on its grounds.
  • Metro: The Fairfax Connector Wolf Trap Express (Route 480) provides round-trip service from the West Falls Church-VT/UVA Metrorail station to Wolf Trap’s Filene Center for most performances.