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Artistic Advisor

Wu Han

WU HAN, piano
2018–2020 Artistic Advisor

I am thrilled and honored to serve as guest program curator for Wolf Trap’s distinguished Chamber Music series, and I am equally excited to introduce the many extraordinary artists performing some of the repertoire’s greatest works.

Although we are in Vienna, Virginia, my choice of Austria’s Vienna as the focal point of the programs is deeply rooted in that city’s incomparable musical history. Since Franz Josef Haydn inspired the birth of the Classical Style in the late 18th century, through the modern musical age, Vienna has likely produced more great music by more famous composers than any other city in the world. Vienna was home to many musical geniuses, some who were natives and others who came for musical inspiration and adopted the city. Together they created some of the most beloved and revered chamber music, without which the world would be a much poorer place.

We will hear Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven, the first trinity of great classical era composers. Schubert and Brahms, who carried Vienna into and through the Romantic age will also make appearances. Dvoƙák and Mendelssohn will be heard, as well as a stunning genius whose Viennese derived style brought verve and intensity to the American film industry, Erich Wolfgang von Korngold.

And finally, the artists—I am privileged to know them all musically as colleagues and personally as friends. Some, if not most, are undoubtedly known to you already either “in person” or by name, but those you will be encountering for the first time will leave indelible impressions. I hope during my tenure here as artistic advisor to come to know you, Wolf Trap’s devoted music lovers. I look forward to greeting you before, during, and after the concerts whenever possible!

Enjoy the performances,
Wu Han

Deborah F. and David A Winston, 2019-2020 Artistic Advisor Sponsors