The Art of Pleasure | Wolf Trap
Art of Pleasure

The Art of Pleasure
Steven Blier & Wolf Trap Opera Soloists


The Barns
1635 Trap Road
Vienna, VA 22812
Program to include songs by Piazzolla, LĂ©har, Bernstein, Lehrer, Strauss, Tosti, and Rachmaninoff.


Steven Blier, Artistic Director, Pianist & Arranger
Joseph Li, piano
Laura Sanders, soprano
Zoie Reams, mezzo-soprano
Piotr Buszewski, tenor
Johnathan McCullough, baritone

Musical Preparation    Joseph Li

"The times are turbulent, but music is an anchor. This program delves into the pleasures of the senses, the glory of the human voice, and the beauty of love. And yes, we’ll also have a few songs about less noble pleasures—who doesn’t need a laugh right now? While songs themselves may not save the world, they heal listeners with calmness, courage, and a sense of connection." –Steven Blier

Dan and Gayle D’Aniello
Wolf Trap 2019 Season Underwriters

Revada Foundation
2019 Young Artist Showcase Sponsor

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