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In Handel’s gorgeous musical drama Semele is engaged to a prince, but she’s really in love with Jupiter, the king of the gods. This forbidden passion between mortal and immortal brings them endless pleasure and endless love… until the goddess Juno, Jupiter’s betrayed wife, plans a fiery end to their torrid affair.
First performed at Covent Garden in 1744, Semele contains some of Handel’s most lyrical arias and dramatic choruses. Part opera, part oratorio, the compelling work is a rich and unique mix of comedy and tragedy and perfect for The Barns.
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ARTISTIC & CAST Conductor: Timothy Long
Director: Tara Faircloth
Scenic Design: Cameron Anderson
Costume Design: Rooth Varland
Lighting Design: Mark Stanley
Wigs & Makeup Design: Anne Nesmith

Semele: Esther Tonea
Iris: Veronique Filloux
Juno: Emily Treigle
Ino: Emily Treigle
Athamas: Kathleen Felty
Jupiter: Lunga Eric Hallam
Cadmus: Eric Lindsey
Somnus: Eric Lindsey
Apollo: Samuel Krausz

Dan and Gayle D’Aniello
Wolf Trap 2023 Season Underwriters
Ed and Andy Smith
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