Deep Earth, Deep Ocean | Wolf Trap
 Terry Leonino and Greg Artzner

Deep Earth, Deep OceanTerry Leonino and Greg Artzner

THU 6/18


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Terry Leonino and Greg Artzner, Wolf Trap Master Teaching Artists, perform two original songs, “Deep Earth” and “Deep Oceans,” that are a study of contrasts in nature. One is a rollicking good time song about the living ecosystem of deep, dark caves, the other a soaring meditation on the beauty and mystery of oceans and their importance to life on Earth.

Wolf Trap Field Trip Fridays Wolf Trap Field Trip Fridays are performed and recorded by Wolf Trap Teaching Artists to provide children and their parents/caregivers the opportunity to experience stimulating live arts experiences from the comfort of their home. These interactive performances are accompanied by a handout that has been created to serve as an educational tool to enhance the child’s experience.

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