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The Juniper Tree

Opera UNTRAPPED OnlinePhilip Glass & Robert Moran
The Juniper Tree

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Opera UNTRAPPED Online
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This Wolf Trap Opera premiere and new production was presented at The Barns at Wolf Trap in August 2017. The Juniper Tree was part of Glass@80, the worldwide celebrations of Philip Glass’ 80th birthday. Special thanks to Dan and Gayle D’Aniello, 2017 Wolf Trap Opera Season Underwriters, and Ed and Andy Smith, 2017 Performance Sponsors.
The Juniper Tree Music by Philip Glass & Robert Moran
Libretto by Arthur Yorinks
Based on the Grimm Fairy Tale

This take on the famously dark Brothers Grimm fairy tale is “charming and chilling, a children's opera for thinking children (also known as ‘adults’)” (The New York Times). It tells of a Wicked Stepmother who murders her stepson and serves him up in a stew to his unsuspecting father. The boy’s sister buries her brother’s bones under a nearby Juniper Tree, and the child’s spirit returns as a singing bird who wreaks vengeance on the evil Stepmother before being restored to life in the bosom of his family.

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Seeds of the Juniper Tree by Robert Moran, Composer


in order of vocal appearance
Wife – Summer Hassan
Mama Bird – Maria Brea*
Husband – Ben Edquist
Son – Megan Mikailovna Samarin
Stepmother – Annie Rosen
Daughter – Madison Leonard
Goldsmith – Andrew Gilstrap*
Cobbler – Michael J. Hawk*
Miller – Sam Grosby*
Baby Birds* – Amanda Lynn Bottoms, Lauren Feider, Gretchen Krupp, Ashley Milanese, Nicole Thomas, Onadek Winan
Village Folk* – Matthew Adam Fleisher, Jonathan Bryan, Ricardo Garcia, Cory Gross, Geoffrey Hahn, Senhica Klee

*Studio Artist


Conductor - Lidiya Yankovskaya
Director - R.B. Schlather
Scenic & Costume Designer - Blake Palmer
Lighting Designer - Robert H. Grimes
Wig & Makeup Designer - Anne Nesmith
Chorusmaster – Joseph Li


Musical Preparation – David Hanlon, Joseph Li, K. Annie Brooks

Assistant Director – Marcus Shields
Production Stage Manager – Michael Janney
Assistant Stage Manager – Sarah Johnson
Supertitle Coordinator – Lindsay Woodward

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