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TUE 8/4


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Opera UNTRAPPED Online
Aug 4
Merlin's Island: Gluck’s clever opera is a light-hearted parody that takes nothing seriously.

MERLIN'S ISLAND Music by Christoph Willibald Gluck
Libretto by Louis Anseaume, based on Lesage and D'Orneval's Le monde renversé

Two Parisians are shipwrecked on an island paradise where the rich marry the poor, lawyers are always honest, spouses are always faithful, and artists are wealthier than businessmen. Heaven? Not quite. A takeoff on 18th century French vaudeville, Merlin’s Island is brimming with inspired music, beautiful ensembles, and heartwarming characters.

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Merlin - Conor McDonald
Pierrot - Ben Edquist
Scapin - Daniel Noyola
Argentine - Shannon Jennings
Diamantine - Niru Liu
Hippocratine - Megan Esther Grey
Prud’homme - Wilford Kelly*
Hanif - Bradley Bickhardt*
Zerbin - Justin Burgess*

*Studio Artist

CREATIVE TEAM Conductor - Geoffrey McDonald
Director - Richard Gammon
Choreographer – Elizabeth Coker
Scenic Designer - Julia Noulin-Mérat
Costume Designer - Jonathan Knipscher
Lighting Designer - Robert H. Grimes
Wig & Makeup Designer – Anne Nesmith


MUSIC AND PRODUCTION STAFF Cover Conductor – Andrew Crooks
Musical Preparation - Andrew Crooks, James Maverick
French Coach - Jocelyn Dueck
Assistant Director - kt shorb
Production Stage Manager - Madeline Levy
Assistant Stage Manager - Savannah Valigura
Supertitle Coordinator - Thomas Morris

Make-Up Provided By M•A•C

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