Why the arts matter to education

The performing arts can make us feel—exhilarated, nostalgic, entertained, joyous. But they can also help us succeed, as students, professionals, and citizens of the world.

The arts help very young children learn critical skills—creativity, collaboration, math, language arts, imagination.

The arts prepare young professionals to be innovative thinkers and creative problem-solvers—traits that today’s competitive business world values highly.

The arts help all of us understand and embrace cultural diversity as the language of an interconnected world community.

Wolf Trap Foundation dedicates a significant portion of its resources to education. It’s at the heart of our mission.

Wolf Trap's programs

Engage Children

Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts

Wolf Trap Foundation’s largest education investment is in children from infancy to kindergarten age, along with their teachers. At a critical point in children’s lives, the Wolf Trap Institute uses the arts to improve learning.

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Our position

Position on the arts and early learning

Wolf Trap Foundation believes in the value of the performing arts to improve early childhood education. Wolf Trap’s 30+ years of experience in this field, as well as independent research validates this belief.

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Training Teachers

The need to empower teachers as well as children

Through classroom residencies and professional development workshops, the Wolf Trap Institute equips teachers in early childhood education with effective arts-integrated teaching strategies for helping children succeed in school.

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Internships for college students and recent grads

“One of the Best Places to Intern”—Bloomberg Businessweek

“One of America’s Top 100 Internships”—Princeton Review

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Grants for high school teachers

Classes for ages 5 and up

Children and adults can embrace their inner artist through classes at the Center for Education at Wolf Trap.

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Grants for High School Performing Arts Teachers

Wolf Trap Foundation provides grants to high school music, dance, and theatre teachers—some of the most highly effective advocates for the arts. 

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