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Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts

Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts, the flagship education program of Wolf Trap Foundation of the Performing Arts, embraces active learning for children through customized, hands-on professional development for early childhood educators. Through its affiliate network and national office, the Institute works with educators and families across the U.S. and Singapore to deliver professional development and arts experiences both inside and outside of the classroom.

Professional Development for Educators

Wolf Trap equips its teaching artists with tools to partner effectively with early childhood educators to seamlessly integrate the arts into classroom learning, creating meaningful learning experiences for children and professional growth opportunities for teachers.

What We Do

Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts has been pioneering arts integration for more than 40 years. Wolf Trap programs encourage joyful, active learning with children through high-quality professional development for teachers.
a wolf trap teaching artist is standing in a circle with young children in the middle of a classroom playing a learning game with colorful handkerchiefs

Engage Children

The performing arts nurtures children's cognitive and social/emotional skills and promotes positive teacher-child connections.
a teacher sitting in a small chair in the middle of a classroom is teaching a learning game to other educators, children and a teaching artist

Support Educators

Wolf Trap Teaching Artists work with teachers in their classrooms sharing arts integration strategies, developing lesson plans, and interacting with children.
a teacher is showing a classroom of children a learning game on a colorful carpet

Provide Resources

Wolf Trap's digital resource library provides a host of arts-integrated strategies educators can incorporate into their classroom instruction.

Partner With Communities

Wolf Trap and its affiliates work with communities to broaden access and develop authentic experiences that reflect the cultural heritage of each community.
Early Childhood Educator

“Having someone co-teach with me in my classroom and support me as I integrate best practices in the arts with best practices in the content areas has helped me feel confident in building my arts skills, as well as rethink my lesson instructions throughout the school day.”

-Kristin McClure, Fairfax County Public Schools, VA

Benefits of Art Integration

Increased Language Development

Children whose teachers participated in a multi-year Wolf Trap program showed improvements in language development.

Strong Teacher-Child Interactions

Arts integration builds strong teacher-child relationships, which are key factors in future academic success.

Enhanced 21st Century Skills

Head Start students with Wolf Trap-trained teachers showed significant gains in social/emotional development, and science and technology knowledge.

34 Days of Extra Math Learning

Students in Wolf Trap classrooms gained the equivalent of 34 days of math learning after one year of the program.

Improved Teacher Practice

92% of participating Wolf Trap teachers felt more creative and confident in their abilities to integrate the arts across the curriculum.