Become a Wolf Trap sponsor 

Sponsorship gives companies high brand visibility with an affluent target audience, as well as premium client/employee hosting opportunities.

Your brand will be represented across multiple marketing vehicles, including print advertising, social media, press, and placements on site. And you’ll be entertaining guests alongside community leaders, elected officials, artists, and diplomats.

Customize the sponsorship based on your business goals, or choose one of the following sponsorship opportunities.

2015 Wolf Trap Corporate Contributors (View as a Word document)

Performances and events
Performances present ideal sponsorship opportunities for companies seeking high visibility, recognition, entertainment, and branding. The print advertising, media promotion, and social media marketing surrounding performances and events provide extensive exposure.

Family and education programs
Companies whose philanthropic goals align with education can sponsor one of Wolf Trap Foundation’s highly acclaimed programs. Make a meaningful impact on the lives of children, teachers, and college students both locally and nationally.

Special artistic initiatives
As a leader in the national performing arts community, Wolf Trap presents great artists and fosters innovative new works that enhance the American repertoire. Sponsorship provides media exposure, on-site visibility, and program branding for artistic initiatives with a targeted audience.

Products and services
Wolf Trap has many high-profile, heavily-used products and services. Sponsors ensure these opportunities are enjoyed by the half million people who attend events each year.

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