Gifts of Retirement Fund Assets | Wolf Trap

Gifts of Retirement Fund Assets

Use a straightforward beneficiary designation form for an easy and inexpensive way to name Wolf Trap Foundation to receive all or a percentage of your retirement assets.

Other financial accounts, donor advised funds, and life insurance can also be transferred to Wolf Trap Foundation by beneficiary designation form, allowing you to:

  • Continue to use your financial resources throughout your lifetime
  • Preserve your option to modify beneficiary designations at any time
  • Maximize your tax-wise opportunities for gifting to heirs and charity

Request a beneficiary designation form from your retirement plan administrator, financial institution, or insurance agent and add Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts, Tax ID #23-7011544, as a charitable beneficiary.

By including Wolf Trap Foundation in your estate plan, your powerful statement helps assure that, like you, future generations will be enriched by the unparalleled Wolf Trap experience. Thank you!

Wolf Trap Foundation urges you to discuss your ideas for giving with your legal or financial advisors. Any information provided by Wolf Trap Foundation is not intended as tax, legal, or financial advice. For more information on how you can leave a lasting legacy to Wolf Trap Foundation, please contact Annie Coppola, Director, Planned Giving, at 703.255.1930 or