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Artistic Staff and Faculty

WTO Staff Composite

For 3 months every summer, industry-leading conductors, directors, designers, production managers, artistic directors, coaches, and guest faculty gather at Wolf Trap to make great opera and mentor up-and-coming singers.

A core value of Wolf Trap Opera is to provide a significant artistic experience for our artists to further their artistic growth. While the experiences will look different for our 2020 artists during this particular summer, we remain committed to providing opportunities that will both challenge and engage. We are consulting with our most precious resources, the artists themselves about potential projects, and hearing from them directly about truly collaborative and exciting experiences has in turn energized us.

WTO's year-round staff includes Lee Anne Myslewski (Vice President), Morgan Brophy (Assistant Director, Artistic Administration), Rachel Stanton (Assistant Director, Artistic Operations), and Jon DeVries (Coordinator, Company Management). They are joined every summer by Wolf Trap Foundation staff Timothy McCormick (Director of Production for The Barns).

Lee Anne MyslewskiWolf Trap Opera’s Lee Anne Myslewski

Lee Anne Myselwski has been an integral member of Wolf Trap’s Opera and Classical Programming team since 2006, hearing over 7,500 auditions and helping to cast the last 13 seasons of Wolf Trap Opera. She conceived of the UNTRAPPED series of programming in 2016 which has featured artistic partnerships with the Shakespeare Theatre, Taffety Punk, Halcyon, AMP at Strathmore, as well as ongoing partnerships with The Phillips Collection, the Library of Congress and the National Orchestral Institute + Festival. 

Myslewski also created the Artistic Advisor position for Chamber Music at The Barns collaborating with an artist or ensemble of significant influence in the field to help identify performers and repertoire for the acoustically superb Barns at Wolf Trap.