Wolf Trap Education2015 Spring Classes

  • Private Piano

    Whether you’re a bench beginner, ivory expert, or somewhere in-between, Wolf Trap’s professional piano instructor provides focused attention that emphasizes personal achievement, broadening of musical understanding, and the joy of making music. Offered in comfortable, state-of-the-art private practice rooms, our piano lessons will give you the tools you need for headlining your next dinner party or simply playing the songs you love.

  • Private Voice

    Burgeoning bass-baritones, seasoned sopranos, and glee club “gleeks” will enjoy one-on-one sessions with our professional voice instructor, who will work with you to enhance your singing skills. Lessons move at your own pace while providing an understanding of proper voice training and music styles. Wolf Trap provides comfortable, state-of-the-art private practice rooms and a relaxed environment that will help you prepare for karaoke night or your next school audition.

  • Ari Hest

    Join Ari Hest as he takes you through the process of writing your very own song! You’ll learn ways to create and enhance your own songwriting techniques by breaking down the elements of a well-crafted pop song. Don't miss out on the chance to share your masterpiece with Ari and fellow songwriters!

  • Private Guitar

    Rock fanatics, jazz aficionados, and classical buffs alike can hone their craft with the help of Wolf Trap’s professional guitar instructor. Private lessons are designed to cater to your needs and experience with a focus on increasing technique and musicality. Taught in our comfortable, state-of-the-art practice rooms, lessons at Wolf Trap will build your confidence so that you will be jamming with your friends in no time!

  • Hapa

    Take a trip to the fascinating Hawaiian islands in this fun-filled hula dance master class. Learn the beautiful footwork and graceful hand motions of a hula ‘auana, modern hula, to a special mele, Hawaiian song. After the class, enjoy the traditional and modern hula in action in HAPA’s performance. Aloha!

  • Irish Master Class

    Learn reels, slip jigs, and slides in a relaxed and friendly environment. Hosted in conjunction with the Altan performance at The Barns, this is your chance to become part of the living tradition of Irish dance! Open to ages 13 and older of all skill levels.

  • Natyabhoomi School

    Experience the rich traditions of South Asia with an evening of Indian Dance. Learn a mix of classical and contemporary movement through storytelling choreography, and energetic music. After the class, continue your Indian adventure with a performance at The Barns featuring singer Vatsala Mehra.

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