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The Center for Education at Wolf Trap is a nonprofit, national, arts-in-education resource center for children, parents, educators, and performing artists. The Center is the new home to Wolf Trap's acclaimed Education Programs, which provide lifelong learning through the arts. It also houses the renowned Wolf Trap Opera and Wolf Trap Foundation administrative staff.

Center for Education at Wolf Trap
This state-of-the-art facility, which officially opened and was dedicated on May 19, 2003, includes a 2-level Education Pavilion and the Earle C. Williams Learning Center. The technology-rich environment allows Wolf Trap to strengthen and expand its proven Education Programs to impact countless lives regionally, nationally, and around the world for generations to come.

Spaces in the Center for Education

The Center for Education’s many unique spaces house many of Wolf Trap’s programs, and may be rented when available. Learn more about rental options at Wolf Trap.

Education Hall

This large, flexible space is suitable for a variety of needs. The space is large enough to accommodate full-scale rehearsals of the Wolf Trap Opera. Moveable walls, designed with sound mitigation in mind, make it possible to sub-divide the Hall into four discrete spaces that may be used simultaneously for a wide array of activities, including rehearsals, workshops, Master Classes, meetings, and training sessions.

Lecture Hall

The 100-seat auditorium is equipped with multimedia technology and connectivity, allowing the space to be used for distance-learning programs. In addition, the Lecture Hall provides the perfect environment for pre-performance lectures, Master Classes, professional workshops, and more.

Practice Rooms

3 soundproof practice rooms, each equipped with a piano, provide an excellent environment for individual and small group coaching sessions, as well as independent practice. The state-of-the-art acoustical engineering in these rooms can simulate an array of performance environments.

Education Breakout/Multipurpose Rooms

2 education breakout/multipurpose rooms with the necessary connectivity for distance learning and video and/or data presentation are conveniently situated adjacent to the Wolf Trap Education offices.

These spaces offer the perfect environment for small workshops and meetings with teaching artists from the Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts, intern roundtable sessions, and much more.

The Earle C. Williams Learning Center

The Earle C. Williams Learning Center is equipped with Internet-linked computers; equipment for playback of recorded material (audio and video); and is a repository for books, periodicals, and other materials. The Center serves as a valuable resource to the Wolf Trap community.

The Center for Education at Wolf Trap was designed by Robert Wilson Mobley Partnership Architects and constructed by Westport Corporation.

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