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Wolf Trap's performance program is an advertiser's dream! With Center Lines, the summer program for performances at the Filene Center, and Timbre, the program for performances at The Barns at Wolf Trap, leading businesses have found Wolf Trap to be one of their most efficient and successful marketing investments. When you advertise to Wolf Trap’s audience, you reach leading members of the Washington, DC metropolitan area’s business, social, and cultural community who enjoy the finest products and services. Learn more about Wolf Trap audiences

Rates and details for 2021 coming soon.

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The Visit page at provides excellent advertising opportunities for select area businesses who want to reach more than 1.6 million Wolf Trap web visitors! Internet advertising on our Visit page drives sales for your business while enhancing the Wolf Trap Experience. Advertising is available for restaurants, hotels, transportation companies, and carry out food/picnic related items.