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Original Works

Keeping the arts moving forward

Presenting artists that our audiences know and love is just one part of our mission. Developing new works—supporting artists that are pushing the boundaries of music, dance, opera, and other genres—is also a priority. 

Wolf Trap Foundation is committed to keeping the performing arts moving forward. Inspiring new ways of looking at the world. Attracting new audiences. Providing new experiences for those who thrive on innovation.

Following are some of the new works and new artists we have supported.


Wolf Trap Foundation has a longstanding commitment to opera. So when deciding where to invest its resources, commissioning new works to enhance the operatic repertoire has been a priority.

To support the creation of two original works, Wolf Trap Opera identified recent alumni from its residency program who were perfectly suited to participate. And given the company’s experience producing highly-acclaimed chamber operas, Wolf Trap Foundation chose to commission operas specifically to enhance this body of work.



From modern to ballet, bringing fresh choreography to the stage has allowed Wolf Trap to attract new audiences to the world of dance, while offering aficionados exciting new experiences.


A distinctive dance series: Face of America™
One of the most notable contributions Wolf Trap Foundation has made to the world of dance is its Face of America™ series. Face of America™ uses dance, music, and videography to capture the essence and spirit of national parks across the country. 

Watch as PBS captures dancers scaling the rocks at Yosemite and other artists interpreting both the human and physical spirit of parks from Glacier Bay to Mammoth Cave.


Chamber Music

With its casual, intimate theatre and ability to bring new energy to established arts forms, Wolf Trap is uniquely poised to push the world of chamber music just a bit outside its comfort zone.



As a national center for the performing arts, Wolf Trap Foundation is committed to supporting what’s widely considered one of the only musical genres born in America. Wolf Trap’s jazz commissions have ranged from musical ensembles to choreographed works.