All Artists photographs should be credited as
"Courtesy of Wolf Trap"

Wolf Trap Logos 

Wolf Trap Logo 1
Wolf Trap Logo 2
The Barns logo 1
The Barns logo 2
The Barns logo 3
Wolf Trap Education Logo
Wolf Trap Institute Logo 

Filene Center Artist Photos:

Amos Lee
Amy Helm & The Handsome Strangers
An Evening with the creators of SERIAL: Julie Snyder and Sarah Koenig
A.R. Rahman
Audra McDonald
The B-52s
The B-52s Logo
The Beach Boys
Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn 1
Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn 2
Ben Harper
Blackberry Smoke
Brandi Carlile 1
Brandi Carlile 2
Catch A Fire Tour 2015 - Damian "Jr. Kong" Marley
Catch A Fire Tour 2015 - Stephen "Ragga" Marley 1
Catch A Fire Tour 2015 - Stephen "Ragga" Marley 2
Catch A Fire Tour 2015 - Morgan Heritage
Catch A Fire Tour 2015 - Tarrus Riley
Celtic Woman
Chaka Khan 1
Chaka Khan 2
Cheap Trick
Classic Albums Live
The Gipsy Kings
Gladys Knight
Hubbard Street 1
Hubbard Street 2
Hubbard Street 3
Hubbard Street 4
Indigo Girls
Ingrid Michaelson
Jackson Browne
Jacob Whitesides
Jill Scott 1
Jill Scott 2
Jill Scott Logo
Jim Gaffigan
John Fogerty 1
John Fogerty 2
The Jones Family Singers
Jukebox The Ghost
NSO: Andrew Litton
NSO: Back to The Future 1
NSO: Back to The Future 2
NSO: Madama Butterfly 
NSO: National Symphony Orchestra and The Washington Chorus
NSO: On Stage at Wolf Trap, Performing with Film
NSO: Rufus Wainwright 1
NSO: Rufus Wainwright 2
NSO: Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions
NSO: Sarah Chang
NSO: Star Trek 1
NSO: Star Trek 2
Oh Honey
The O'Jays
Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club
Patti LaBelle
Pedrito Martinez Group
Peter Frampton 1
Peter Frampton 2
Pink Martini 1
Pink Martini 2
Pirates of Penzance 1
Pirates of Penzance 2
A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor
A Prairie Home Companion logo
Punch Brothers
Rodrigo y Gabriela
Santana 1
Santana 2
Santana 3
Sheryl Crow
Shiyeon Sung
Steve Miller Band
Under the Sun Tour
Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me 1
Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me 2
Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me 3
"Weird Al" Yankovic
ZZ Top

The Barns at Wolf Trap Artist Photos:

Black Violin
The Best of Second City
Eileen Ivers
Eileen Ivers Band
John McCutcheon 1
John McCutcheon 2
Sybarite5 1
Sybarite5 2

Wolf Trap Opera Photos:

Frederick Ballentine Jr
Jeni Bank
Steven Blier
Evan Boyer
J'nai Bridges
Timothy J Bruno
Michelle DeYoung
Scott Hendricks
Joo Won Kang
Sarah Larsen
Abigail Levis
Talya Lieberman
Will Liverman
D'Ana Lombard
Alexandra Loutsion
David Margulis
Kerriann Otano
Amy Owens
Marjorie Owens
Morgan Pearse
Thomas Richards
Reginald Smith
Carl Tanner
Robert Watson
Melinda Whittington
Christian Zaremba 

Wolf Trap Children's Theatre-in-the-Woods

All-American Boys Chorus
Alphabet Rockers
Hudson Vagabond Puppets
Instant Opera
KanKouran West African Dance Company
Maryland Youth Ballet
Mil's Trills
Mister G
The Pop Ups
Recess Monkey
Story Pirates

Wolf Trap Foundation Photos

Wolf Trap Senior Leadership Photos

Arvind Manocha, President and CEO (formal)
Credit to "Teddy Wolff"

Terrence D. Jones, President Emeritus (formal)
Credit to "Bachrach"
Terrence D. Jones, President Emeritus (casual)
Credit to "Bachrach"

Terrence D. Jones, President Emeritus and Darrell Green, National Spokesperson for Wolf Trap Education
Credit to "Andi Kling"
Beth C. Brummel, Vice President for External Affairs

Early Childhood STEM Learning Through the Arts

Image 1. Credit Jonathan Timmes
Image 2. Credit Jonathan Timmes
Image 3. Credit Jonathan Timmes
Image 4. Credit Scott Suchman
Image 5. Credit Scott Suchman
Image 6. Credit Scott Suchman

Wolf Trap Venue and Special Event Photography

2015 Filene Center
Filene Center (aerial) 
Credit to "Robert Llewellyn"
Filene Center (lawn aerial)
Filene Center (lawn aerial 2)
Filene Center (interior)
Filene Center (interior 2)
Filene Center (lawn side)
Filene Center (lawn at night)
Filene Center (at night 1)
Filene Center (at night 2)
Filene Center (side)
Park Ranger
The Barns 1
The Barns 2
The Barns at Wolf Trap (exterior 1)
The Barns at Wolf Trap (exterior 2)
The Barns at Wolf Trap (interior 1)
The Barns at Wolf Trap (interior 2) 
Children's Theatre-in-the-Woods
Wolf Trap Ball
Keter Betts, founding artist of the Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts
Credit to "Scott Suchman"

Center for Education at Wolf Trap (exterior)
Credit to "Stu Estler"

Holiday Sing-A-Long at the Filene Center
Credit to "Sam Kittner"